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Sr. Software Engineer

Bangalore, India
Engineering | Perm Full-time


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Job Description

Employ empowers organizations of all sizes to overcome their greatest recruiting and talent acquisition challenges. Offering a combination of purpose-built intelligent software technologies, services, and industry expertise, Employ provides businesses of all sizes with powerful solutions for recruiting a diverse workforce. Through its JazzHR, Lever, Jobvite technologies, and NXTThing RPO services Employ serves more than 21,000 customers across all industries. For more information, visit us at  
As an Engineer on our Product team, you’ll help us build out our core product by developing high-impact, user-facing features. In our growing engineering organization, you’ll be developing and shipping new features and updates to our products. You’ll be learning about our real-time web stack UI frameworks that help us deliver a beautiful and high quality solution to our customers. In addition, working on API's and integrations to support our partners. You’ll work collaboratively with product managers and designers to drive the implementation and release of major features, and be a champion of best practices for writing well-tested, well-organized code. 
You’ll become familiar with all parts of our stack—including our open source web framework, DerbyJS. You will exercise judgment in making tradeoffs between design and feasibility. You’ll engineer extension points to be scalable and resilient in a complex, single-page application. 
 We believe that user-centric design ultimately leads to the best products, so we listen closely to our users, both external and internal. As an engineer on our close-knit, cross-functional team, you’ll be an active voice in shaping our product. We are constantly rolling out high-demand features and tackling ever greater challenges of scale. 
Our commitment to highly performant teams leads to a vision for the team you will be a part of.  Let me introduce you to our envisioned team—a dynamic and exceptional group that embodies high performance, high optics, and high growth. We are driven by a shared purpose and an entrepreneurial mindset, constantly seeking innovative solutions to challenges. 
What sets our team apart is our strong sense of ownership and accountability. Each team member takes proactive initiative, identifying opportunities and going the extra mile to make a significant impact. With unwavering dedication and a relentless work ethic, we foster a culture of excellence and growth.  
We use our own open source MVC framework called Derby that syncs all data via Operational Transformation (the algorithm behind Google Docs). OT is the way we handle concurrency conflicts for any piece of data that is edited at the same time. In addition to real-time sync, OT allows us to provide a smoother UI since we can render updates on the client instantly without waiting for our backend to respond, while still guaranteeing consistency. 
Employ makes extensive use of AWS, Docker, Node, TypeScript, Mongo, ElasticSearch, and Redis within our infrastructure. We use tools like Hubot to streamline deployments and Grafana to see what’s going on under the hood. In addition to automating all the things, we love to version them too! Our systems are all created using Terraform and Chef, working together to ensure consistency at all costs. 
What you’ll bring:  
●        5+ years of experience as a Software Engineer in a tech company with a track record of delivering software with high business impact 
●        3+ years of experience with Javascript 
●        Exposure to some mentorship or technical leadership responsibilities 
●        Experience with Scrum or other agile development 
●        Experience building enterprise software preferred 
●        You’ll meet other new Team members in your cohort, and learn the nuts and bolts of the business, our history, and where we’re going. 
●        You'll also complete your Starter Project, designed to help you build bridges with other team members and positively contribute to your team’s processes and knowledge 
Tackle your first ticket! 
●        Dive into Employ’s technology by pair-programming with your teammates and attending engineering training sessions designed and presented by your peers. 
●        Learn our technical stack and apply development patterns through your work. 
●        Participate in our product development process and ship your first feature to customers. 
●        Engage in your first on-call rotation in Support Engineering to help diagnose and resolve production problems and customer issues. 
●        Write internal documentation for your features and systems so other engineers and stakeholders are brought along with your decisions. 
●        Reliably ship full features to customers. 
●        Assist your peers in best practices for our product development. 
●        Understand the product at scale and be able to provide input to improve our technical systems and tools. 
●        Participate in interviewing and hiring, as a way to influence team growth and how our values inform our culture. 
●        Build, launch, and support your first big feature. You’ll partner cross-functionally with Product and Design and focus on keeping your stakeholders apprised of progress and updates. 
●        Have made a visible impact on the product for all the users of our tools. 
●        Own major feature areas of the application. 
●        Be comfortable navigating most of our stack and infrastructure. 
●        Be responsible for the planning, scoping, design, and implementation of new features.